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Here are just some of the publications our Finnish clients have appeared in.

Go from ‘invisible’ to having a successful PR operation… with only 90 minutes per week

Maybe you’ve already dabbled with PR. However, it has always felt like you’re firing press releases into outer space. They never get picked up – and never produce the amazing results you know are possible.

This is why the course is divided into 8 bite-sized modules. You can follow each step with as little as 90 minutes per week. You’re taken by the hand and led towards a successful PR campaign in less than 2 months.

Here’s a brief summary of each module:

1. The most important question you MUST answer to succeed with PR
Most organizations miss this first step. So they waste months of labor – and spend $thousands – on doomed PR initiatives. PR success is simple. However, you must start strong.

2. How to plan a PR campaign that works
Effective PR is calm and methodical. You send press releases to a highly-targeted list of contacts. You develop lucrative relationships with journalists who reach your ideal customers.

3. How to be a PR wizard – and still manage your day-to-day
Of course, a successful PR campaign is no good if it eats up all your time. Get the correct tools in place first. They could save you hours of hassle when you come to launch.

4. How to become an ‘instant expert’ with journalists
You’re already an expert in your industry. But how can you get the media to shout about it?

5. Who are your ‘VIP’ contacts?
Effective PR is a dialogue. You build relationships which benefit both you and the journalist. You don’t need thousands of ‘media contacts.’ You just need 10-20 who would pick up the phone whenever you call.

6. What to do after launch
By now, you are talking to influential journalists in your industry. You can see how many people have read the coverage. You are measuring the impact of your PR across your business.

7. How to expand your media coverage
85% of our clients have received international press attention. Some are using this to expand worldwide. Others aim to sell their businesses faster, and for a higher price.

What is your next step? I am certain PR can help you achieve it.

John Cozzi - Instructor

John Cozzi is the Digital Storyteller at San Francisco. He has helped manage a number of high-growth clients become global category leaders in their business. You may know him also through Nordic Business Forum, where is an active blogger and interviewer of keynote speakers.

San Francisco Agency

San Francisco is the #1 marketing and PR agency in Finland for internationalizing growth businesses. We have worked with 100 clients over the past 5 years, helping companies get media coverage both in Finland and globally.

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